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Decorating and furnishing a loggia
To arrange your loggia most comfortable for you to read, you need to equip it with additional outlets, and desirable quality bright lighting, better more power. In this case you do not have to hang in your loggia chandelier, you can hang a few bright lights, thus making your loggia bright and modern. As for the switch, you can install it inside the loggia, and outside it, holding it up to the loggia. You can set your loggia elegant curtains or blinds, and can be both horizontal and vertical. Availability blinds allow you to keep your loggia from direct sunlight, and create in it an ideal room temperature. You can optionally set the air conditioner. Blinds allow you to go quietly in the balcony, comfortably, and have a cup of tea, knowing that none of you will not see, is only push the shutter and you'll be completely alone, and no one will not hurt to enjoy your vacation. For a more pleasant and refined interior, try to arrange a loggia small closet, so it settled down things you need. Can be installed in the loggia refrigerator, and enjoy ice cream on a hot day evening. In the lodge, you can store all of those things that you have no place in his apartment. All the trash, can be placed there. You can arrange some kind of basement, it needs to take a special place away from sunlight, and store pickles and jams. You can build a cabinet, and store it as a stewed fruit, and potatoes and salads. Cabinet is desirable to make quality of expensive wood, buy it all, you will be able at any hardware store, and make the cabinet so as you need. You will need to buy the necessary accessories that you like, and proceed to settlement. And after a couple of days, a case will stand you in the loggia, where you can store all the items you need. More and more people prefer to build ready-made cabinets, than do it myself. It is much easier to buy a ready wardrobe, what to do myself. Built-in wardrobe has several advantages, large capacity, plus takes a bit of space, a kind of illusion that it takes a lot of space, in fact, it is very compact. He is very capacious, it will provide you much place, plus it is very economical, making it universal. You can make a horizontal bar and do various exercises. You can buy exercise equipment, and deal with them, dropping the extra pounds. You can install plastic lockers, and store tools, all for fishing and hunting as well as do a wardrobe and store in it all their belongings.
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